If you have a request for website production in Tokyo, please leave it to us!!

“I would like to request the establishment of a new website (homepage)” “I would like to request the renewal of the website (homepage)”
“I want to acquire new customers from the web” “I want to request the creation of a company homepage” “I want to entrust the maintenance, management, updating and management of the HP (homepage) and WordPress”
Our services are used by a wide range of companies and companies in Tokyo as well as customers all over Japan. (In addition to Tokyo, we also receive requests from Saitama, Chiba, Kanagawa, Tohoku, and Kyushu areas.)

Quick homepage is safe even if it is your first time creating a homepage.
After delivery, we create a website using WordPress, which allows the customer to send information in real time.
Since we can do the work in-house, there are no extra running costs.
WordPress is a software tool called a CMS that allows you to create websites and blogs.
WordPress has the No. 1 share both in the world and in Japan, and it is said that approximately 30% of the world’s websites are made with WordPress.
In Japan, it is widely used not only for personal blogs, but also for companies, companies, public institutions, etc.

When creating a website these days, it is essential to always use SSL to make all web pages HTTPS and to optimize smartphone display.
We provide rental servers that allow you to use the “proprietary SSL” function required for always-on SSL for free, and create web designs (responsive web designs) that aim to enable desktop web pages to be viewed according to the viewer’s screen size or web browser. Please feel free to contact us. In addition to corporate websites and service information websites, we also create websites for members and academic societies.
The on-demand conference homepage has been used and requested by many people because it standardizes the functions necessary for a conference homepage and keeps the price range low.
Please feel free to contact us for consultation/requests regarding website creation, production, maintenance, and operation.

We respond in detail to customer needs

For HP production, renewal, and estimates, please leave it to Sakutto HP, a Tokyo-based HP production company.
We want to respond with all our heart and soul to the hearts of our customers who want to create and renew their homepages.
We will respond reliably and quickly to our customers’ needs.

Do you have any problems with homepage creation, homepage creation, or homepage renewal?

[There are so many homepage creators that I don’t know which one to choose. ]
[If you request a bulk quote from a bulk quote site, you may end up receiving calls from many companies at once.]

Research web development companies yourself and call them one by one to request a quote.
You have to say the same thing over and over again and it takes a lot of time.

Requests for creating a new homepage, renewal of an existing homepage, and minimal homepage creation
First of all, please contact Quick Homepage Creation, a web creation company in Tokyo!!